Wood Joints In Classical Japanese Architecture

Torashichi Sumiyoshi Gengo Matsui

Authors' Biographies:

Torashichi Sumiyoshi

Date of birth 1911

Begins carpentry apprenticeship in 1924 Starts own enterprise in 1930 Serves in navy 1944-1946 Member of "Tcnri Kyokai", involved in design and construction of temples Prepares wood shop drawings for Eishin Gakuen Higashino High School (1983-1985)

Gcngo Matsui

- Date of birth 1920

Graduates in Architecture from Wascda University 1943

- Receives Doctor of Engineering I960

- Professor of Wascda University 1961 Director of the Japanese Photoelastic Association 1979


© Torashichi Sumiyoshi and Gengo Matsui 1989

First Published in Japan by

Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.

Second printing, May 1990

English translation from the Japanese in

1991 by Fertile Kovacs Advisor Andri Gravel Proofread and edited by Janos Nagy Printed in Japan


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