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Music and the spoken word are essential elements of the human experience. A concert, an opera or a worship service enrich our physical, mental and spiritual being. Although equally impressionable, acoustical demands for such events usually differ. Yamaha caters to these variables with Active Field Control. AFC is a reverberation enhancement system that can optimize the reverb time in a room. With AFC, it's possible to provide specialized settings for different performances in the same venue. The system controls the environment based on the existing room condition by utilizing an acoustical feedback, which provides for a superbly natural sound. Whether it's an intimate setting for a pianist in a large concert hall, or accommodations for a live orchestra without a sound reinforcement system, AFC provides the flexibility and technical superiorities to produce an ideal performance atmosphere.

Recently installed at the renowned Crossroads Church in Corona, CA, AFC allows the diversity of events that take place at this house of worship to personalize sound based on needs.

For more information, please visit or contact the AFC Design Center at [email protected].

Yamaha's Active Field Control. Modernize sound. Revolutionize design.

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