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Suits Your Timeline. Suits Your Budget.

Suits Your Style.

Permanent Modular Construction can trim months from your schedule, keep your project running in the black and still provide you with near limitless design flexibility. Consider our buildings as the strong bone structure that supports the full scope of your creative master plan. Our Concurrent Construction™ process - allowing critical steps in site preparation, building fabrication and installation to occur simultaneously -is a textbook example of efficiency. Assembly is accomplished with speed and precision. All of this translates into quicker occupancy and harmonious workflows. One final consideration: you can be assured your project will benefit from the security, breadth of experience, and financial strength only an industry leader can provide. Williams Scotsman's permanent modular construction - perfectly suited to the building realities of the 21st century.

Williams Scotsman's Concurrent Construction™ Process Timeline TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION

KSL Recreation - La Quinta, CA. 17,724 square foot complex built in ONLY 90 DAYS!

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