Amphitheatre Technology Center and Charleston

SWA Group awards

2001 National Honor Award, American Society of

Landscape Architects; 2000 Centennial Award, American Society of Landscape Architects; 1999 Centennial Medallion Award, American Society of Landscape Architects; 1998 City of Mountain View Mayors Award; 1997IDRC Distinguished Environmental Planning Award.

SWA provided master planning, site planning, and full landscape arc-services. The project began as the winning entry in a competition re City of Mountain View to develop the 26-acre(10.5 ha) brownfield site R&D campus of 500,000 sq ft(50,000 sq m) of office space and a 5-a ha) public park. This creative collaboration led to two key plann ng : first, to treat the campus and park as one landscape; and second, be:a. large building footprints, to assert the presence of the landscape t. buildings and locating most of the 1,700 parking spaces below pod the east and west ends of the project, the landscape slopes up to from natural grade, providing a seamless connection from the park or through the campus to the improved creek corridor on the west T^e bought by Google in 2004 to be their Corporate Headquarters.

The design of SGI's campus and Charleston Park creates one seamless landscape, blurring distinctions between private and public space.

Landscape Design Campus

T Looking down on the terraced pools of Charleston Park. The presence of water suggests the fluid boundary between park and campus \ High level view of SGI Charleston Park campus showing central courtyard dining plaza, i Colorful umbrellas provide shade since structurally this space cannot support the weight of trees.

r in Garden is contemplative, shown here are mounds with persimmon trees and the Central Garden beyond. . ar mounds arranged in an organic pattern echo the Calaveros Hills nearby.

T The use of stone and desert plant material are expressed in the West Garden.

f Detail view of the East Garden showing a seating area and the play of the landscape against the architecture.

1 The lower level of Charleston Park showing the striped pattern of the paving as it continues up the slope through a series of terraces and shallow pools toward the SGI campus.

Slope Campus Design

V wm

Park Landscape Color Plan

r Zharleston Park and the SGI Campus beyond suggest one landscape. • 3 •: :ree in fall color plays against the color and structure of the building. A. te's enjoying lunch among the flowering cherry trees in Charleston Park in the spring.

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