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The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New O e = of Art occupies approximately five acres in City Park adjacent :c Atypical of most sculpture gardens, this Garden is located /. r existing landscape of Pines, Magnolias and Live Oaks. Designed -with Ledbetter Fullerton Architects of New Orleans, the garder ae outdoor viewing spaces within this picturesque landscape. Are-con* . bisects the site and creates two distinct halves: a mature Pine and Ve adjacent to the Museum, and a more open area of two-hundred yea :

across the lagoon near the New Orleans Botanical Garden. The Scu :

is designed for approximately sixty sculptures, most of them dona*.f : Orleans Museum of Art by Sydney and Walda Besthoff.


A pair of cast stone and bronze pavilions with clerestory windows ma to the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the New Or es of Art. The pavilions, which face a large meadow adjacent to the M..f drive, flank a large plaza containing Henry Moore's "Reclining Mothe The pavilions and entry plaza also establish a centerline through trr garden that becomes an organizing element of the design.


2006 Professional Design Award, American Society of Landscape Architects.

The garden is bisected by a lagoon which has been re-shaped into either side of the central pedestrian bridge. These lagoon basins -

i •: : 2:3 of the sculpture garden at Dueling Oaks Drive. The "Reclining Mother and Child" sculpture by Henry Moore is located at the center of the entry plaza on the main tf "te garden

: . * : • e i ydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Gardeg.

-r Kenneth Snelson's "Virlane Tower" and Arman's "Pablo Casal's E> ocating these vertical sculptures in the water, their reflections : 5-. 0* the compositions.

• • ee oedestrian bridges cross the lagoon and connect the two sides of :: entries to the bridges are marked by simple, cast stone pylons

T oronze lanterns. Side rails constructed of bronze and stainless steel we ' t* e:: :ie light and allow views through the bridges. This combination of aer . r antern pylons and bronze with stainless mesh is repeated in the form ~ f-:a gates at the main entry and two secondary entries.

r 5.e composition of curvilinear paths compliments the mature trees while s~ 3 ¡er viewing areas, or "galleries", within the garden. These paths also - se ¡es of garden features including the Overlook Terrace, the Exedra at one of the pedestrian bridges, the monumental Water Steps at one of it::- ;ary entrances, the elliptical Sculpture Theater containing smaller pieces t sc. z:se and the Cascade Garden Pool containing Robert Graham's "Source pathways also frame the elliptical Pine Grove immediately off of the ■f-" , p aza and the large Oak Lawn at the opposite end of the garden. With rxcert :n of the lagoon, the Oak Lawn is the most open space in the garden

----ris some of the larger sculptures including works by Louise Bourgeois,

3-tterfield. Elizabeth Frink, Joel Shapiro and Claes Oldenburg.

* ■

T Night view looking toward the water steps of the Turner Way Entry.

1 Night view of the Sculpture Theater with the "Three Figures and Four Benches" sculpture by George Segal.

i i Night view of the oval lawn of the Oak Grove with the "Spider" sculpture by Louise Bourgeois in the foreground, and the bronze sculpture "Restrained" by Debora Butterfield in the background.

«— Night view of the Overlook Terrace and Water Steps with the "Las Mesas Bench" sculpture by Jesus Bautista Moroles at the lagoon edge in the middle ground, and the sculpture by Arman's "Pablo Casals Obelisk" is within the lagoon.

Defining Wall With LandscapePablo Casals Obelisk Hammered Copper

- sculpture "Large Puicinella" by Saul Etrog with the "Reclining Mother and Child" sculpture by Henry Moore in the background at the center of the Dueling Oaks entry plaza.

!er Pool showing the garden path circulation to the center pedestrian bridge in the background The "Sette" sculpture by Scott Burton is shown at the far side of the pool with the "Pair of Right Angle Chairs" ground. These Burton sculptures were strategically placed for both exhibit and seating.

- path and adjacent plantings within the Pine Grove. The bronze sculpture "La Poetesse" by Ossip Zadkine is in the foreground and the "Large Puicinella" by Saul Etrog is in the background •Vay water steps with the "Pablo Casals' Obelisk by Arman in the foreground

Pablo Casals Obelisk Hammered Copper

: - sculptures within the caz P*ne Grove r fiMR foot with the "Source cry Robert Graham I mOm fee pool The "Pair of 5 by Scott Burton r 2>e of the pool The

:3*e ? and the water 3r 6» seen m this view Fiber pwito indirect lighting ■ftnife of the floating step z ;•:: copping The water tar Be Cascade Garden Pool >' " :: strainer intake r - submerged concrete M prttrtal for the "Virlane •9 iMwctti Snelson located Is lagoon (not shown in this

"Wane Tower" by Kenneth ¡mm- agoon. the Sculpture j- -- :a:<ground, and the mm: e "Grand Val de Grace" : • poustegy is shown ^ • a: the Pine Grove

Robert Snelson Architecture

t T Rear view of the "Riace Warriors I. II. III. IV" sculpture by Elizabeth Frink from the garden path looking into the lawn at the Oak Grove.

T View from within the lawn ellipse looking across the lagoon to the Sculpture Theater with the "Three Figures and Four Benches" sculpture by George Segal in the foreground. The bronze sculptures "Hercules the A/: Antoine Bourdelle and "Venuse Victorious" by Pierre Auguste Renoir is shown within the foreground at the lawn ellipse.

\ Visitors amongst the bronze sculptures enjoying an afternoon concert staged in the Pine Grove lawn ellipse.

i Family portrait at the "Love" sculpture by Robert Indiana.

Sculpture Ellipse

rr a • •• e bronze sculptures enjoying an afternoon concert staged in the Pine Grove lawn ellipse. The musicians are performing on the plaza of the Dueling Oaks Entry. The docent and restroom pavilions flank each » s «try plaza.

■ it - rory Avenue Entry looking on to the oval lawn of the Oak Grove. The "Castle of the Eye, II" sculpture by Minoru Niizuma is in the foreground within the planted center of the "circus" entry. This is the primary for ingress and egress to the New Orleans Botanical Garden located across the street.

• ~ r pse within the Pine Grove side of the sculpture garden

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