Brown Richardson Rowe

Brown, Richardson & Rowe prepared a master plan and construction doc_- - a for Constitution Beach for the Metropolitan District Commission as par- —* agency's Back to the Beaches program. The 28-acre(11.3 ha) park, locate: r- m inlet off Boston Harbor, was cut off from the neighborhood by subway * The $4.6 million improvement package has enhanced the overall use r t* beach by integrating a new pedestrian overpass across the Blue Line use« ■ the beach. The bridge crosses a new park entry drive and lands on a 6ur*-wm mound. Visitors walk down paths bordered by plantings to the water's ed;e

Brown, Richardson & Rowe and the project's architect, Leers Weinzs: Associates, participated with the MDC in a community process. The plan re* -cai the community's priorities: additional green space adjacent to the beach a playground; athletic facilities; shade structures; picnic areas; and fast-c :a % shade trees, coarse grasses and beach perennials. A segment of the Gree^n* connects Piers Park, Bremen Street Park, Belle Isle Marsh and Cons*: or Beach.

Brown, Richardson & Rowe with its subconsultant, Vollmer Associates : prepared a bathhouse study. A new building of reduced size and appr::* : t* beach character will be part of a future construction effort.



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