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Rowe, Inc awards

1995 Federal Design Achievement Award.

Boarding House Park is part of the National Park in Lowell, Massachuse significant site in the history of the American Industrial Revolution. The commemorates the mill workers of the nineteenth century, who often v boarding houses. The park is designed to take advantage of outstanding . of the restored Boott Mill and its clock tower, one of the numerous canals supplied water power to the mills, and one of the original boarding houses, converted into a cultural center.

The park is designed as an outdoor performing arts center. It accommo: ethnic festivals, provides a green space in the heart of the city, and is link other parks by pathways along the 5.5-mile(8.8 km) city-wide canal syste well as historic trolleys. The design includes terraced lawns and seating s a performance pavilion which serves as a theatre and trolley stop. As part c Brown, Richardson & Rowe design team, William Rawn Associates, Arch.* of Boston designed the pavilion. It evokes the ironwork characteristic of Lo Over 100 ft (30 m) long, the structure's roof is composed of metal grillwo « covered with wisteria vines.

In 1995 the client and the design team received a Federal Design Achieve-Award for their work on the performance pavilion in Boarding House Park

Site Plan.

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Lowell Historic Preservation Commission and

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Chris Barnes, Jerry Howard. Steve Rosenthal



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