Capitol Plaza

Thomas Balsley Associates awards

2004 Honor Award, American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter;

2005 Honor Award, American Society of Landscape Architects.

Capitol Plaza is located in the emerging residential neighborhood of Heights amid weekend antiques markets and Flower District shops. Tn s public open space, which connects 26th Street and 27th Street just east c* Avenue, features garden seating areas, a promenade, and cafes. In ar. a Manhattan with too few public open spaces, Capitol Plaza's goal was to people a place to pause among lush bamboo groves and ornamen:a plantings, distinctive contemporary seating and adjacent cafes and shops — a synergistic composition that will ensure long term success.

Thomas Balsley Associates was responsible for the design, inclua " architectural features, custom furniture, fountain, and lighting. Norma , block open spaces in the city fail to live up to the expectations of the puo are meant to serve. Through careful demographic research, extensive ol' and a rigorous conceptual design process, the firm was able to secure ac:; from the City Planning Commission and the community boards.

Curved, battered planter walls slice through the plaza, organizing it into z areas with varying degrees of intimacy and enclosure. Custom designee stc steel furniture, such as bar tables with revolving stools, benches with s:t cafe tables, and elliptical picnic tables, provide a multitude of seat ng : — a proven component to successful urban spaces. A 100 ft(30.3 w corrugated metal wall painted a vibrant orange is intended to draw atten: : Sixth Avenue's pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Elliptical cutouts anima*e and the reveal bamboo foliage behind. The northern shady area s tiez zz picnic tables, perimeter seating and a narrow, 100 ft(30.3 m) long that activates this end; the sunnier southern zone is raised slightly to p': more intimate garden setting overlooking the outdoor café that has rr^e become the neighborhood's favorite.

The terrace edge ol wall mounted benches and stair are perfect for watching and interacting. With the passage traffic.


picnic tabus


picnic tabus


\\ Raised terrace with feature wall and bamboo scrim.

T Plan view.

f Visual sight lines guarantee a sense of safety and security within the contemplative environment.

—> The 100' long orange wall defines the raised terrace architectural edge.

\ Movement follows the curving walls.

«- Entrance from 27th Street flanked by picnic table and bar table seats.

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