Chess Park at Brand Boulevard

Rios Clementi Hale Studios

To transform a little-used urban pathway into a chess park, the designers rese c : the game's history and based the program on its playing rituals, strategies ar lore. While every detail and nuance is derived from the tradition of the ga~r r park's entire design is patterned after strategic movements made in chess

Five playful light towers fashioned after chess pieces proclaim the park's The base of each 28-ft (8.4 m) high lantern is constructed from Trex, a reoc« plastic and wood lumber product, and topped with synthetic canvas forme: - ti shape of an abstracted chess piece. The architects found inspiration in Nog.. m lamps and Brancusi's sculpture. The towers emit a warm glow and are strate: : m placed, inspiring creativity and intellectual challenge. While the towers t' -. i iconic presence to the park, they also provide significant lighting and space :: solve the park's functional needs.

The Bishop stands at the entrance. The King sits as a throne where conr~ . members can engage in performances and book readings. Across the thro platform where musicians, actors, and artists can gather. A gray Trex wall f: behind the platform to create a backdrop for performances. The Rook is the stage, providing storage. Concrete benches with Trex tops provide sea* -:


2006, ASLA Honor Award, American Society of Landscape Architects;

2005, ASLA/SCC Honor Award, Landscape Art, American Society of Landscape Architects Southern California Council;

2005, Public Open Space Award, American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles Chapter;

2005, Architectural Award, Civic, Los Angeles Business Council.

The center area is designated for gaming, where players congregate arot : !H concrete chess tables with inlaid black-and-white tile chess boards. The 1.— presides over this area while the Knight stands as a sentry near the alleys a.

The two long borders of the park are lined with gray Trex screen walls of .rvr sizes. While providing seating, lighting, and display opportunities, the walls also offset the scale of the tall buildings that flank the passagewa, designers planted the park's borders with lush, low-maintenance shrubbe -white flowering perennials. Cypress trees provide a buffer to the alley.

Boulevard Landscape Design

brand boulevard

brand boulevard mm bs*-^ - . - Bishop light tower, King light tower and throne, and Knight tower. •t' vened public park.





Chess Park Designs

•*-: saace by night. = - :- r ' incusi and Noguchi m z ï *:::ed withTrex. . r p aying area.


City of Glendale other key consultants

Chess Tower Fabrication- Carlson & Co

Engineering 8 Fabrication; General Contractor Frederick Towers, Landscape Contractor Lermond Landscaping; Structural Engineer: Grossman & Speer

Associates, Inc.. Civil Engineer: John M. Cruikshank Consultants, Inc..

Irrigation. Sweeney & Associates, Inc., Electrical Engineer PEI Engineers location

Burbank, California completion



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