Columbus Circle

Olirt Partnership

Columbus Circle, born from Frederick Law Olmsted's design concept for Cen--= Park, has been rethought and redesigned many times since its erection in 19:: Located at one of the principal entrances to the Park, this tribute to Christop^r Columbus had fallen into general disuse and failed to serve as a functional, sa* and inviting public space.

Olm Partnership's redesign returned the historic monument to public accef and appreciation, fostering a safe and interactive environment not present *o decades. The design is based on concentric rings of movement and light, to the feeling that the Circle is not only the center of New York City, but also r center of the universe. Columbus Circle is now a powerful urban space featur -vibrant planting, a series of fountains, striking benches, paving and lighting, c working together to accentuate the uniqueness and vitality of the Circle and ~ City as a whole.

The previous small fountain surrounding the monument base was removed a^ replaced by a central plaza that reinforces the monument's grandeur within Circle. Visitors can now approach the monument, read the inscriptions, study relief sculptures and occupy the center of the Circle.


2006 Design Honor Award, American Society of

Landscape Architects; 2006 Design Merit Award, American Society of Landscape Architects, Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter

2005 Project of the Year, New York Construction Magazine.

Custom designed benches made of Brazilian Ipe wood run along the edge : the fountain. The benches are scaled to complement the civic space and ¿f large enough to allow individuals to sit comfortably back-to-back, facing e the active water and planting or the monument.

Lighting is a central component of the site's new design. Olin Partners^ significantly reduced the number of lighting fixtures and traffic signs locatec the Circle to eliminate physical and visual clutter. What remains is only wha: necessary for the safety of people and traffic. All new lighting reinforces site's theme of concentric circles.

Circle Landscape Design

<- Project site plan.

i Aerial view looking down (east) 59th Street.

/ Section looking north, up 8th Avenue

Landscape Architecture Detail SectionAlcatraz Las Rocosas

Fountain. \ Fountain detail.

i Exterior shot of finished plaza with fountain and wood bench.






< i»

- Detail of fountain coping, i Fountain detail

- Detail of fountain coping, i Fountain detail

r.ening view. — : ghting design concept

: umbus Monument night view.


City of New York Department of Design and

Construction other key consultants

WET Design. L'Obsevaioire International, Lynch & Associates Cosentini .Associates. Vöilmer Associates. LLP location

New York. Ne^ York completion September 2005 photography

Oun Partnership unless statea

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