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The terrace garden is an extension of a renovated penthouse in Gree-. Village. The planting plan highlights seasonal change and frames city . e : from the interior spaces. Sweeps of native grasses and shrubs frame views r = nearby water tower. An ivy-covered steel trellis and small flowering trees midtown skyline views. A sculptural Black Pine terminates the view through -greenhouse from the entrance.

The exterior spaces are framed by a series of custom planters cantileveres c»fr a perimeter bed of pebbles. Filled with grasses of varying heights and tex:_e: the sound of rustling grass in the wind forms an effective screen to the ira'* : noise below. A corner of the garden contains a small seating area. In front o' " 3 window, a low table displaying pots of seasonal color forms a dramatic foreg-: - ~: to midtown views from the study and dining room beyond.

T Multi-stem trees shade a sitting area and frame views of a nearby water tower.

J Trees and shrubs are placed to create a variety of interesting spaces and views.

— The terrace provides an elegant and gracious garden set within a busy metropolis.







\ Custom planters cantilever over the terrace and a perimeter bed of pebbles to define the exterior spaces.

\\ Pots of seasonal color are featured in an area set aside for gardening.

i The use of glass, stone and wood creates a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces.


( - -g displays of seasonally interesting flowers frame a dramatic view of the midtown skyline. : ~ kitchen window, multi-stem trees frame an intimate view of the garden beyond. k . € Ar: from the library, wind blown grasses form a striking naturalistic contrast to the buildings beyond - - -er of the garden contains a small seating area.

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