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The Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Garden in the Cleveland Be Garden is an exemplary garden that accommodates the full range of condition — where designing accessible spaces is not just limited to the o but for everyone.

The space designated for the new garden was small (approximately 12,0C (1,200 sq m)), sloped, with a mature plant collection. The space was adja a busy dining terrace and provided the primary view from the Botanical G. gracious library. The program requirements were complex and constructs tied to an adjacent major building renovation and expansion project.

The setting was divided into three distinct areas. The first provides quiet from a busy terrace nearby and offers an elegant setting viewed from the A central reflecting pool highlights a magnificent magnolia. A stone walkwa around a refined lawn panel to private seating areas and an overlook. A : pool with a cascading basin provides a gentle sound buffer to nearby activ curved walkway leads past the second setting, a demonstration garden fe a horticulture therapy program with raised beds, display areas and a spaciou area for group activities. Finally, the walk culminates at a dramatic demons wall composed of carefully selected native stone. Naturalistic in character, • in height and fully accessible, the wall incorporates interesting plants, wat hardscape items for touching, smelling or hearing.

The Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Garden is an integral part Cleveland Botanical Garden's mission to "blend education, social respor cultural and environmental stewardship" helping "people of all ages, backg-and abilities appreciate and benefit from the positive role that plants play lives." It educates and entertains visitors with sensory rich experience programs. It provides a setting for the collection and display of plants. And important, it does these things discreetly, comfortably, for people of all ab

Ste Plan notes the r .e garden's features rr« within the context of = i:: ng Cleveland Botanical

• oeripatetic fashion, a r walk circumscribes the ve$ of a pool and lawn to " 3: ace for contemplation.

::-'emplative garden mixes : an: material with existing :'eate a scale suitable to its r :ed use The lawn panel : Bluegrass) withstands ^ chair use without in-. -: reinforcement.

Cascading Flowers Northern Germany

T The stone retaining wall defines and separates the contemplative and demonstration gardens. The six foot high wall steps in height and features cascading plants, water features and interesting native stones f The wall is laid with local stone of different textures and in different configurations. Fragrant, richly textured plants also invite touching and smelling. They cascade over the wall and grow in easily reac .! niches.

\ Paths take visitors by things that are interesting to hear and touch.

I Movable benches and chairs create comfortable flexible seating areas with varying degrees of privacy for individuals and groups.

carefully calculated to minimize fatigue and to provide subtle places to pause and rest, enjoy a fragrance or admire a focal point.

-;: ants, water trickles over a moss-covered stone niche in the wall. Visually impaired visitors are able to detect changes in air temperature and humidity from the water wall, '¿sv area is entered through a welcome area. Placed out of the main circulation and generous in size to meet and greet visitors, the area provides an introduction to plants and gardening programs are integrated with plants, walls and landform so privacy is achieved without isolating it from the surrounding garden.

:-tec with Braille inserts. They are placed on the backside of the rail to make them more comfortable to use. The inserts incorporate a changing collection of poems supplied by visually impaired ater chants and walls create distinct garden experiences. Thin rivulets of water fall into a shallow pool, creating a "bright" sound to help muffle nearby traffic noice.


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