Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Situated on the edge of the historic Seattle Center Campus, Marion Oliver McCaw Ha s Seattle's new performing arts venue and home to both the Seattle Opera and the Pa: * . Northwest Ballet.

Built over mechanical rooms below, the Kreielsheimer Promenade designed by Gustaf •: " Guthrie Nichol, is a dramatic and unique meeting place for patrons and visitors to McCs. i Hall. The Promenade creates a bright and welcoming public passage into the heart o; Seattle Center Campus. An extraordinary collaboration between disciplines can be serin the landscape's elegant integration of architecture, landscape, lighting, and theate-

Within the Promenade, a glowing "ceiling" is implied by a series of translucent me*sl scrims floating overhead that appear to continue into the interior lobby. At night, rese scrims reflect the lighting artwork, Dreaming in Color, by Leni Schwendinger L grm Projects. In the center portion of the Promenade, three large, thin sheets of ware shimmer and gurgle over sloped paving. Gustafson Guthrie Nichol designed the ab-£ feature to be universally accessible and allow pedestrians of all ages and abilities to rr:. r-across the water and interact with the reflected light from the scrims and the sky. -series of stone benches along the west edge of the water feature provide quiet places -rest and "people watch," as pedestrians move through the interior lobby, walk the Promenade, and play in the water.

On the end of the Promenade, a cafe terrace, a tilted lawn, and a fragrant wall of flowe' if vines create a gateway to Seattle Center activities.


2005 Award of Excellence in General Design, American Society of Landscape Architects; 2004 Tucker Design Award, The Building Stone Institute;

2004 Honor Award, American Institute of Architects,

Seattle Chapter; 2003 Certificate of Honor, American Society of Landscape Architects, Washington Chapter.

Since its completion, the Kreielsheimer Promenade has been embraced by the pe:d of Seattle and has garnered national recognition. Gustafson Guthrie Nichol's dei a has been honored by The Building Stone Institute, the American Institute of Archite^j (Seattle Chapter), and at both the local and national levels by the American Society c Landscape Architects.

During the day, the central water feature reflects the sky

The Promenade's water feature is a favorite among children who enjoy running and playing in the water.

A father and son walk through the water on their way to the Seattle Center.

Existing trees were incorporated into the plan.

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