The forms in this image demonstrate the carefully conside-e: complementary materials in the architecture and landscape : harmony and visual balance.

T Large limestone boulders placed along the gravel tra stopping points and visual interest. The strong for" architecture juxtaposed against the natural form of the str provides a dramatic visual contrast in form, while the cons > the materials is maintained.

1 With the inner walls of the retreat as a backdrop, native i plantings and existing trees create striking sculptures.


- reserved trees borders the meeting center. The sharp contrast between the cut limestone and lawn creates an interesting >.vr s used for outdoor stretching, yoga, tai chi and meditation as well as outdoor instruction.

- terrace showcases the natural beauty of the Hill Country that surrounds the center. Handrails that would obstruct the view :-¿-a- c edge of the terrace were avoided through the use of stepped walls. Views from this terrace extend across the 210-acre


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