Jones Jones Architects and Landscape Architects


2004 Merit Award, American Society of Landscape Architects;

2003 Honor Award—Design, American Society of

Landscape Architects, Washington Chapter; 2002 What Makes it Green? Built Category, AIA Seattle;

2001 Honorable Mention Award, Outstanding Public Project, Northwest Construction.

The mission of the Education Center is to interpret the City of Seattle's stev. ¿r: of the Cedar River Watershed and its role in managing water resources Center provides information and exhibits about watershed wildlife a^z communities, forest and timber resources, fisheries, and related sc e research. The building complex is sandwiched between a steep site, a -access road, and a lake to take advantage of spectacular views of the a<* surrounding mountain landscape. The complex includes an exhibit ha r purpose area, meeting rooms, classrooms, a library and archival storage : courtyards, and covered walkways with planted earthen roofs (a livirg • Courtyards and landscaped areas display native plant communities ana : outdoor gathering spaces. Siting and configuration of the buildings as r native vegetation and topographic features of the area. A network of pe:ei trails with interpretive graphics connects the Center to a lakeshore re:'r area and the Water Department's administrative headquarters.

9G.QG0-acre watershed la-pas of nine . paths, communities n'i dramatic

^fti^xs to the Tdzrzcasm of the natural history of ~-as-?ucture, and r y-z nq water to


City of Seattle & Seattle Pubftc Utilities location

Cedar Fads Road SE. North Bend, WA completion



Lara Swimmer profound interaction between the natural world and human needs, enhancing the ecological literacy of present and e* resource.

-:> af the Forest Court in the heart of the facility, where rain drums beat world rhythms with droplets of water. : nvent anal metal roofs demonstrate the role of soil and plants in runoff retention and the natural filtering capacity of sheltered walkways, encouraging a flow of movement between buildings that is focused on the landscape.

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