Koch Landscape Architecture

Located in Portland, Oregon's historic Irvington Neighborhood, the McGes^jp Residence once loomed over the street with its grand classic revival style ~: . r% after extensive redesign of the garden, the home has become rooted be:« the neighborhood context while offering the owners greater privacy.

The design revolved around anchoring the house to the site, providing privacy, resolving access issues at the rear of the house and desigr interesting sequence of traditional garden rooms with water features contemporary elegance. The owners are connoisseurs of contemporary ar* wanted to respect the strong classical revival style of the home and ado though more current landscape elements.

A garden room was created for each side and solar aspect of the house to with existing microclimates. The rear garden room was divided into a ^ kitchen terrace and a perennial garden. The kitchen terrace straddles a axis that links it with the perennial garden below, and a fountain was place: ss each end of the axis to strengthen this formal relationship. A third founts " s dedicated to the perennial garden at a cross axis.

The sound of water is the focus of each garden room and enhances the se*r- % of the garden. Traditional forms were used as models for the water fea*. t ■ but were executed with modern-day finesse. The design of the water fearer* wall, constructed of three large soapstone slabs, evolved in collaborator .•. — the owners and is the garden's highlight.

The existing Doric columns and foundational brick work were extender the terrace trellis and the walls at the perimeter of the site. Herringbone zm :* paths link variegated bluestone patios and allow for circulation around the e*** -perimeter of the house and garden. Very few original plantings existed, but that did were saved in place or salvaged and replanted in new locations. Na: . -

naturalized and hardy plantings were used to establish a foundation for new planting forms.

Although the property became more private, a corner seat was designed as a gesture to the neighborhood. The Hicksii Yew hedge that frames the perennial garden also creates a privacy screen from the driveway and neighbors while linking the soap stone slab fountain wall with the more traditional brick and bluestone fountain wall.

T Front of residence.

—» View of McGeady Residence after garden redesign Brick and bluestone neighborhood seat.

T Night view - Kitchen terrace to lower terrace. W Water runnel detail.

\ (north garden room, the cloister) Contemporary water feature, runnel with pebble and soap stone water wall beyond 1 Contemporary water feature, runnel with pebble and soap stone water wall beyond

Atrist: Mark Bulwinkle "Garden Mayhem", cut steel, powder coated black. 2002, Mark Bulwinkle. Http:// web.mac.com/markbulwinkle.

Kitchen terrace fountain.

f Herbs and ornamental plantings at kitchen terrace.

\ Traditional water wall detail.

\\ Traditional three tier water wall fountain.

i Traditional water wall at night.

T Herb and flower garden at kitchen terrace.

f Kitchen terrace trellis detail.

—* Bluestone paving and water runnel.

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