Lakefront Millennium Park Chicago

Terry Guen Design Associates, Inc."

Lakefront Millennium Park is perhaps the largest intensive green : the world. The 24.5 acre(9.8 ha) public park is a crowning civic acr e. e~ City of Chicago's 15-year quest to "green" an industrial metropolis a" cultural arts. What was once gravel and pavement is now artwo'« a space with over 900 trees, and thousands of shrubs, groundcove-r c annuals and growing medium which absorbs and polishes storrr, ,va: the air, reduces the urban heat island and provides multiple socia economic benefits.

Terry Guen Design Associates, Inc. was responsible for landsca:« construction documentation, and construction review of all piar:-; the 24.5 acre (9.8 ha) park. TGDA directed the project landscape ces including noted soil scientist Dr. Patrick Kelsey, and irrigation and re r"c designers JL Bruce and Company. The work included design cocra ra the project director, numerous artists and architects, the Millen^ . ~ Donor Organization, public agencies, and engineering and field coc the landscape installation. Plantings included over 400 canopy arc trees, thousands of shrubs and perennials installed within a 4 ft(1 2 rr 5 : a reinforced sand-based concert lawn, and 8"(20.3 cm) extensile : -Working as master gardener for Millennium Park's 3 acred.2 na L. : TGDA's plant knowledge and design palette has expanded to inciuce - _ select perennials, many of which are native to the Illinois region arc gr: tough urban conditions.

Millennium Park integrates cutting-edge technology and art into a hi contemporary usable public space. The park holds many renowne: -architecture, fountains, sculpture, botanic garden spaces, granc ce^ facilities, restaurants, and a skating rink. The project is proof that innova* -private funded partnerships can spearhead a major public works : : s project and achieve a product that serves as public open space.

<- Plan of Millennium Park, 1998-2004 1 Arial view of the park.

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A majority of the plants used are native to Illinois.

The Frank Ghery designed bandshell and sound system ensures uniform, high quality sound to those enjoying public concerts.

Great Lawn and Pritzker Pavilion.

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