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2004 Award of Excellence, Residential Landscape Design (Professional Award), Garden Design magazine's Golden Trowel Award.

Winner of Garden Design's 2004 Golden Trowel Award, Lenkin's desigr It this three and one half acre (1.4 ha) property seamlessly integrates an h s*: landscape with mid-century architecture, enhancing a magnificent mo/'i view. Foliage color and texture define the patio planting.

: iage color and texture define the new patio's planting. Striking agaves and palms become exclamation points among smaller, subtler sedums, crassulas and echeverias. • 5 new staircase also provides amphitheatre type seating for the view to the right. Tropicals and succulents provide a counterpoint to the asymmetrical architectural floor gridwork -- tew deck is connected by a massive staircase to a lookout created by landscape architect Paul Thiene in the 1930s.

T The Japanese style terrace is cantilevered over the hillside. Overflow from the antique Chinese urn surrounded by rabbit's foot fern is fed by a copper pipe across the deck to the pool below. \\ Bold texture of an agave medio picta alba, sedums and black mondo grass frame a fish from Thailand who sits at the edge of the pool. \ Brilliant purples and greens created by oxidization of the copper pipe through which the water trickles into the small pool below.

1 A raised dining deck is visually connected to the terrace with a water feature. Water funneled through a copper pipe spills into a small pool adjacent to the terrace.

r.ji drama of agaves and . - set against the view.

* ec^everia nestles among the

: : spills over the antique ceramic

"teriy planting pocket contrasts an r.- wv»th autumnal colors of sedums r by Italian cypress, azaleas, baby an campanula.

- - act aeonium strikes a contrast ~ soft ferns and phormium.



Los Angeles, California completion



Steven Gunther and Heather Lenkin

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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