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Lenkin Design awards

2006 Award of Excellence, Residential Landscape Design (Professional Award). Garden Design magazine's Golden Trowel Award.

Winner of Garden Design's 2006 Golden Trowel Award, this historic 192C 5 home is surrounded by 1 acre(0.4 ha) of gardens designed by landscape designer Heather Lenkin. The property contains twenty one gardens with over twe thousand bulbs and 1200 species of plants. Formality, order and balance relat . r to the overall estate provide the framework for this southern California home

Formal Italian garden with white roses. Italian cypress, clipped boxwood. A red seat cushion, red geraniums and red roses provide the color in the garden.

The entry stair is flanked by Italian cypress, clipped hedges, lion statuary, campanula and baby tears.

The rhythm of the 1920s home's Itahanate architecture is repeated with urns, cypress, clipped hedges, lighted columns and camellias. A massive native oak provides a canopy of shade for dining.

In crs r roof tiles set the color p * Apricot colored Abraham S^m -r: *h:Je Boston ivy softens fc*s colors complement the iage used to soften the

Mi t - . :-3nt,c cottage garden has :* grey-green and lime green and apricot shaded roses. :rench park chairs rest on ioaa flagstone floor.

i 4 garden was carved from

«- White 'Iceberg' roses envelope a fema e statue in this formal entry garden representing ideological purity.

—> The 'Burgundy Region' showcase Lenkin's collection of rare succulerri interspersed with artemesia and dominated by the architectural accent of cordyline.

WAn antique Italian fountain creair: the centerpiece of this tented pavi -dining and lounge area.

\ Annie welcomes visitors from behind a gate designed by Lenkin which rs flanked by Italian cypress, azaleas, bar. tears and campanula.

1/ A large native oak provides the car:: I for an elegant monochromatic forrr^: Italian parterre garden.

SS The hillside's California garden '¿ : lush borders with rhythmic planting of purple-blues, greys, yellows whites.

\\ White 'Iceberg' roses and Cypress surround a statue.

\ Succulents and kalanchoe complete a textural vignette in the cottage garden.

T Flora, the goddess of spring, sits in a waterfall surrounded by an arch.

<— Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Helichrysum petiolare and Geranium Cheryl's Shadow provide a tiny textural vignette.

: .-=■ :ape plumbago and centranthus alba surround a statue. : - ' ;erly layers of color culminate at the statue of Hebe in front of the greenhouse. t *: . ;mansia 'Charles Grimaldi' brushes the ear of a cherub. \ * Lr :eland poppy reaches for the sun. . " . ' ous structure is celebrated with Eremurus himalaicus.

** apricot hues are echoed in Achillea Terra Cotta' and Rosa 'Tamora'.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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