Lewis Scully Gionet

The award-winning Peninsula on the Indian River Bay is Delaware's first priva luxury, residential golf resort community. Surrounded by three panora waterways, the community is located on a span of the peninsula spanning miles (299 km) long and 71 miles(113.6 km) wide. The joint venture of L Sandler & Sons and Odyssey Development hired Lewis • Scully • Gionet • (LSG) as project landscape architect. From the site planning to planting a hardscape design, to signage and pedestrian and vehicular circulation, LSG n recreated an environment where the natural and built environments blend smoor into one another.

LSG's involvement began with the successful rezoning and plan appro process and has continued through the design and construction oversight of * first of key site amenities including a substantial entry feature, entrance roaS streetscape, model home center, Discovery Sales Center and site landscapi The firm has also provided design development for an extensive recreation areaj a nature center and interpretative area, a multi-use path system including a nat trail and boardwalk component, a golf course and clubhouse, and miscellane pocket parks scattered throughout the community. Other responsibilities incl development of roadway design, comprehensive landscape plans and prepara: of landscape design guidelines for the community.

The firm has coordinated extensively with Marketing Specifics, the Penins^ a marketing agency. LSG has worked with Marketing Specifics to develop pia and specific site landscape details to match their general design theme certain areas.

- - . entrance was designed : - grartd and welcoming with = ocused on establishing a .e<ner ence and creating an : 3t$ sense of place.

ca : . it of the entry experience.

:a boasts a large curved a* trothy bubbler jets, and Ml iettering.

:: rrore .vails and a lush planting : :onvey the desired upscale o' trie community.

\ Wetland buffers, restoration are 2 pond edges have been plante: native water-loving plants as par~ overall BMP program.

«- The Esplenade is the main rc*: winds and rolls through the hea" community.

spine for nad simply by £ • in order to 5 v6 as possible conservation system provides . 5 tofs to enjoy r r the wetland

Î The Peninsula was design to provide a beach-like atmosphere. Use of local flora and fauna gives the community a resort-like feel.

S The materials chosen, the plants selected, and the layout of public spaces was identical to that planned for the permanent neighborhoods to come

\ A multi-modal transportation system linking all portions of the site encourages the use of alternate methods of transportation including cycling.

1 The houses were tied together with a winding pedestrian path system, giving this sales area a very welcoming neighborhood feel.

A key feature of the community is the Peninsula Club, the 18-hole Signature Jack Nicklaus golf course featuring protected wetlands and views of the bay,

Located in the geographical center of the community, the Lakeside Village serves as the "heart" of the community where people can enjoy a wide range of activities.

The focal point of the entry experience, the fountain, boasts a large curved water wall, frothy bubbler jets, and oversized lettering.

The use of bright colors on buildings such as in the golf clubhouse, further conveys the beach-like theme throughout the community.

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