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Following the collapse of the World Trade Center, this site which had he mechanical equipment for the towers, became a new opportunity to reinvig a neglected space. Nestled between residential towers and North Cove n in Battery Park City, the 18,000 sq ft (1,800 sq m) site was transformed neighborhood asset.

Three distinctive rooms comprised of a toddlers playground, a dog run sitting plaza, are articulated by an arbor that both defines and links the ac areas. Lush new plantings were carved out of the former pump rooms variety of colorful, scented vines clamber up the trellis ladders to auc summer shade. Custom play equipment, including a glass-block water wa child-activated buttons, and stainless steel sand tables, sit discreetly witr plaza's prow.

Popular with both dog owners and passersby, the dog run sets a new stanOc imaginative canine exercise. Mounds and water-filled bowls allow dogs to perch and splash within a topographically and visually stimulating envirorr

To quote from the local Battery Park Broadsheet, "These facilities have t Kowsky Plaza into a town square where neighbors gather and socialize ana visitors and the office lunch crowd mingle with residents. Kowsky Plaza s how a dog run and playground can be true community-building amenities

pz^c ince ationship 1 % esp irade and North as seem from top under the varieties of „ circulation s piaza

T Ample seating is provided under the shade of the arbor Planters separate the playground and dog run from the open plaza

Circular tables and chairs are part of the motif of circles. Stainless steel panels inserted into the granite wall become mirrors for children's play, i Movable tables and chairs within a space created by circular planters and tree lined edge.


\ Painted mounds and water bowls in the dog run. Colors are selected based on a dog's perception of color.

i Glass block water wall in the children's playground. Wall offers 7 kinds of water effects at the push of a button.

S Dogs enjoying the water bowl in the dog run.

«- Children's playground in autumn where play equipment and foliage are complementary.


Battery Park City Authority other key consultants weisz yoes architects and trc Engineers location

Manhattan. New York completion Fall 2005 photography

Max Donoso Saint, Tim Lee, Signe Nielsen

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