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2004 Design Merit Award, American Society of Landscape Architects.

The Garden on Turtle Creek is a model for the union of modern landscape desic-aesthetics and environmental sensitivity. Weaving new landscape elements into the site's natural systems and intense native vegetation, the garden mediate-: two strong contextual forces: the sophisticated glass, limestone, and concre'r house, designed by Antoine Predock from 1987-1993, and the unpredictable sre condition of a steep, richly vegetated slope that descends into Turtle Creek.

The client desired a walking garden that was simultaneously contemplative and modern, and that included a birdbath to satisfy a passion for birdwatchin: Composed of a sequence of brief but intense episodes, the landscape fosters intimate exploration of the site's varied conditions and creates significant ne.-views within the site and beyond, all while respecting and responding to :r t existing topography and vegetation.

The perilous slope of the one-acre site is composed of heavy clay soils and create : unstable conditions and a hillside prone to severe runoff. At the bottom of the slope, Turtle Creek defines the site's eastern boundary and is annually swol e by floods-its one hundred-year flood line reaches within feet of the house. ecologically responsive design addresses these challenges with refined forms and techniques; interventions are durable yet function sympathetically with tre site's rain, runoff, and flood events.

^rrz a diagram showing garden levels.

Haptic Sequencing/Walking Surfaces

1. Exposed Aggregate Stairs

2. Stainless Steel Checkerplate Sairs

3. Stainless Steel Checkerplate Pavers

4. Mexican Pea Gravel Terrace

5. Fountain

6. Existing Concrete Steps

7. New Concrete Steps

8 Concrete Flood Logs

9 Lawn

Stainless Steel Checkerplate Stairs lood Logs

IQOYew rioud iitH'_

25 Year Flood Line

Annual Flood Li

Gravel path leading to the pond.

/ Raised concrete planks along creek edge.


v: patn.vay from house.

•• rough tree canopy. :-\\t>en diamond plate ccncrftt forms plate steel stair . -ative plantings.

location pallas, Texas completion May 199S photography

Carolyn Brown

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