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2006 Award of Honor in General Design, American Society of Landscape Architects.

The Tahari Office and Warehouse Complex is a renovated storage facility suburban New Jersey consisting of a 20,000 sq ft(2,000 sq m) office facility 3 a 200,000 sq ft(2,000 sq m) warehouse annex. Two new courtyard spaces w€ created by cutting into the continuous roof structure of the office facility, remov the steel supports and saw-cutting the concrete slab below. The courtyard des is a modern adaptation of an ancient form, the Roman impluvium. The courtye~ invite light and weather from the greater landscape into the interior. The edges the gardens are left largely transparent so that people can experience the na*~ elements from deep within the office space. As one stands within the builds looking through the multiple layers of interior and exterior space, the play of c on the glass walls recombines the spatial elements, creating an artful blurring building and garden.

Although the two courtyard spaces are separate, they are conceived as : continuous landscape. Our design visually connects these spaces throu circulation, sight lines, and planting strategy. A miniature forest of river birct-distributed throughout the courtyards and helps to create the synergy betwe the gardens. Bamboo groves, the only evergreen element, are reserved fo- : opposing ends of the courtyards and help lend a sense of unity. The gard* with its robust textures, inserts a natural irregularity into an otherwise austi modern interior. The courtyards use two materials innovatively V black locus: the walkway and woodsy minimum moss for the groundcover.

• t ther side Mnemryway t the office r r^rsicallv f conceived

design .3'is allow :>as of the •e trie focus. < a simple





20 feet

20 feet

Photographer Jerry - peter

: r—r largely determined the location of the * ::: "~ere locations provide both a shaded ; -<g - - r-e summer and a sun-washed seating > * Tr$ turner tm^s r. *r participation, offering the chance to see r. t- -r r-eeze and enjoy seasonal change only a an —• re workplace.

Photographer. Hizabelh Fedcefi

: *r' "e experience both outside wc seasonal change becomes a daily i*T: :. the planting palette of river - :•'£ autumn fern, and yellow groove

two courtyards, the main entryway v passive contemplation. The glass • e: from the desk spaces beyond.

Even in winter the two courtyards connect across the main entryway. enabling sun and snow to become a part of daily life.

20 feet

20 feet

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