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Scenic Hudson Park is a 12.1 acre(4.8 ha) public recreation area located a : -Hudson River 40 miles (64 km) north of Manhattan on the site of a forrre yard. It is the first public use area to receive funding under New Yc« Clean Water/ Clean Air Bond Act "Brownfields Project." Park amem: es two ballfields, a soccer/football field, a senior citizen's building, two pia.: ■: and large open lawns with new landscaping. Mathews Nielsen deve park's program through a series of community meetings. Thereafter we : e: a phased master plan and implementation plans for the first phase, whicn - : a completely new rip rap and bulkheaded shoreline and capping of f contaminated soils. The vision which directed the distribution of faci • ■=■! the park is that of a gradual transition from active to passive spaces as c * ~ ^ from north to south. Access to the site is from the north and parkng ~ I provided to buffer the railroad tracks which separate the site from . The project was completed in August of 2000 for a cost of USS6 mil " project was commended by American Consulting Engineers Counc in :s i Showcase of Excellence for successful and complex environmenta =

• ^.nwfci.

\ Ornamental grasses were se e re: seasonal diversity and re$pons - 5 to wind and flooding

T Bench along waterfront walk ano*: -grasses to create personal space

<— Five years later the park important resource for the Vi1 age

Rip Rap Landscape Architecture

T View south to Manhattan. Park design becomes increasingly quieter toward the south.

i The sign of a successful design: two people enjoying a moment alone in the sunset.

«— New rip rap along Scenic Hudson Park Shoreline.

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