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2001 Honor Award, American Society of Landscape

Architects, Northern California Chapter; 2000 Design Award, EDRA Places.

'Constructing Memory' is a commemoration of people and of piace Memorial that has also become the epicenter for the redevelopment of a urban waterfront. Over 50 years ago, World War II required the transforn a salt marsh in Richmond. California into Kaiser Shipyard #2, a twenty-*: industrial site employing 100,000 people, one-quarter of whom were Although there is no evidence of that shipyard today, a strong nationa m« to commemorate working women in the war effort provided the impet^ project competition. The designers were charged with the creation of a -to communicate the history of an invisible landscape and the people v inhabited it.

The 2-acre(0.8 ha) Memorial employs mnemonic communication s to trigger personal memories. Ship construction becomes a metapr: (re)construction of memory where a collection of fragments is pieced to become a whole idea. A sequence of sculptural rooms deployed alor Walk, an inclined path to the water's edge, expresses the 441 ft (133 n of a Liberty Ship. As one proceeds toward the water, the Keel Walk r timeline of international events from 1941 to 1945. Proceeding from :n one encounters a stream of personal recollections from women shipyarc across the US. Sculptural elements - the Hull, Fore Hatch, Stack. Aft He Fantail...were derived from historic photos and drawings and then mad€ as sculptural forms. The Memorial intentionally reads as a 'work-m-c because memory itself is a work-in-progress. Unfinished surfaces, scratches, exposed bolts and visible welds express the ship's characte-experienced by women welders. The Hull remains upturned with its a construction ladders and the Stack is simply an open framework. This frac character of the Memorial inspires visitors to craft their own interprétât memories.

T Section: Fantail overlook to Stack

Design concept, i Site location — The 'pre-fab' yard.

:ne Memorial is a meeting place to exchange memories. Neighbors and e- Rosies' have developed a strong curatorial attitude toward the place. They *-e site in the evening, bring visitors and children to traverse the Keel Walk, •end the gardens, and even remove the trash. It is this human activity, in the the designers, that actually completes the Memorial.

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