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Baylands Park is a metaphor of the tenuous relationship between nature ar: increasingly technological culture. The new park is located among city, wet a freeways, and recreational fields. Approaching the site as a twenty first cer* 'geomancer,' the landscape architect choreographed the park through a se~ of large gestures intended to reveal the complexity of its multiple influe~-i and meanings. The park is a diptych of cultural forms and references, and c" " ecological landscape. These two halves are stitched together by a Wave an earthen form, that breaks the flat plane of the site, and guides the pedesr experience above and below the horizon. •


1994 Award of Excellence, California Park and

Recreation Society; 1994 First Place. Academic and Demonstration Sites. California Landscape Council.

Both master plan and design are focused on land forms, facilities, and space." would interpret and celebrate nature, technology, and the performing arts Amphitheater, Interpretive Center, Landforms, and Picnic Shelters are a : € response to the natural and cultural cues and constraints of the site, exter:. major environmental themes throughout the park. Three wetland typo:: were designed and implemented: freshwater, seasonal brackish, and sa't a habitats. The Wave Walk is 'rippled' by the relentless winds, the most e. z? natural force on the site. Bands of drought tolerant grasses demarcate one changes in elevation on the waves and have, over time, graphically demons**^ the concept of natural succession.

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Î Poplar allée. / Poplar allée (1995) i The Amphitheater.

<- Children's garden. 1 Native grasses in car park. S Amphitheater diagram.

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