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2003 Design Merit Award, American Society of

Landscape Architects; 2003 Green Roof Award of Excellence, New Construction, Combination Extensive / intensive Green Roof2003.

The Conference Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sa located on a 10-acre(4 ha) site directly across from Temple Square, the epice-of Mormonism. The auditorium accommodates 21,000 congregants, with ar; lobby and support areas, facilities for theatrical and audio-visual product and below grade parking for 1,400 vehicles. This 1.1 million sq ft(100,000 sc " structure is one of the world's largest religious buildings.

In its deference to the Church's Temple, the overall mass of the building reduced visually by submerging the building into the landscape. By doing this. * building became a landscape unto itself. The roof, balcony, terrace and orches: levels of the auditorium are tied together with a system of fountains, exie-stairs, gardens and a 5-acre(2 ha) rooftop alpine meadow. The north and - = sides of the building are defined by long horizontal terraced planters of conifer and deciduous vegetation, stepping from street level to the roof. A ser es basins and wall fountains break at the main axis of the Temple. A central ga': of Aspen and conifers, wide stairs, runnels and basins step up to the sic: roof to a source pool and meadow providing the broadest view of the Was a* Mountains.

The Conference Center combines an expertise in rooftop construct technologies, native landscapes, and represents Olin Partnership's collabora: approach to architectural, structural and landscape design.

T View to source pool garden across rooftop r -r f Volunteers planting rooftop meadow. \ Main entrances, i Fountain above conference center. Rooftop meadow.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints other key consultants

Zlmrner Gunsei Frasca Partnermp,

Gillies Stransky Brans Smith Architects

Auerbach & Associates

KPFF Consulting FngineerSi

CHP S Associates

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