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2003 Merit Award, Design, American Society of Landscape Architects.

Located in The Westwood-Century City area of West Los Angeles, the E^e s : k Residence is a home with modernist and minimalist sensibilities. The arc :e: im comprises a 4000 sq ft (400 sq m) two-story single-family residence anc c" -which is situated on a lot that measures approximately 9000 sq ft (900 5. m Distinct volumes of internal and external space are composed as a village rr sculptural qualities of the house are reinforced and enhanced by the garse* which include a 78 ft (23.6 m) long lap pool, built-in seating, extensive use * ornamental grasses, and Zen-like courtyards. The entry garden steps up * the sidewalk into outdoor rooms defined by a natural green wall and a re' er : pool. Simple materials such as pebbles, stone paving, teak, water and pis— 19 are elegantly combined to create fluid connections between garden roo ' : = « interior spaces.

The house is very sculptural and bold, requiring that the landscape t e r ► house and to the earth in an equally bold manner. Garden spaces therefore 7 t sculpted and composed in a manner that compliments and extends the tenor spaces outward, starting with exterior rooms that exhibit a well-defined irar 5 - >? from the street to the front door. Mass planting accentuates the boldness ** composition, celebrating the colors and forms of a refined plant palette - to allowing for a readable series of inter-connected layers. Many of the c .- :: » and rushes respond to wind movement, adding a playful rhythm to the ga : . ■ experience.

Adornment and ornament are minimal in this project, and the emphas? is simplicity. Attention to detail was inherent in the development, ma« r collaborative process vital. Orange Street Studio worked closely with the b.. and craftsman to achieve a composition and finish of high quality. Mater a ? * carefully selected; Plants for their natural form, color and inherent sc. :* i qualities, reinforcing an architecturally strong, artistic, functional and i: .

Entry View - Main Entry Gardens depicting concrete paving, cantilevered steps, layers of planting and the central entry court. Architectural massing integrates fully with garden spaces. The raised planters extend the massing of the house to the street while adding to the natural setting and sculptural form rendered by the gardens. A built-in teak bench provides informal seating under the shade of an Olive tree, brought in from local Olive groves.

Pool Patio Shadows - The shadows of Aloe thraskii play across the surface of the pool patio, composed of "Sierra gold" sandstone which is local to California.

composition. Concrete surfaces reveal sand and aggregate finishes, pebbles accentuate the spaces between the entry walkway, following the same lines as the ground cover, drawing the eye back and forth, and weaving the garden spaces together.

Sensitive to the environmental concerns at hand. Orange Street Studio utilized a drought tolerant plant palette, truly emphasizing both natural form and function. No lawn is incorporated into this project. The parkway is planted with Dymondia margaretae, which thrives on little water. In one of the courtyards resides a native tobacco tree, a volunteer during the construction. It rises proudly out of a sea of vibrant green pebbles.

Second Story View of Central Entry Court - Depicts movement from street to Entry deck and the relationship of garden rooms: parkway to sidewalk to entry garden to reflecting pool and pebbles to teak deck. The route to the front door is not direct, but shifts alignment to engage the participant in the garden and allow for a gradual revealing of the inner entry court.

\ Horsetail Wall - This green wall conceals the Inner Entry Court, cooled by a reflecting pool

T Detail of Concrete slabs woven into the garden, as the entry walkway merges with garden wall (equisetum hymnal), defining entry room. These lines between concrete slabs are re-defined by Dymondia margaretae as one steps closer to the entry.

i Plantation Grown Teak Deck with Agave americana var. medio-picta 'Alba' in a concrete pot. Simple and clean.

«— Reflecting Pool in the entry court, beyond the wall of Horsetail. As one walks over variously sized concrete slabs, black pebbles add a minimalist texture, and are reiterated as the bottom of the reflecting pool.

client / owner

Steve and Rita Emerson other key consultants

Architect DesignARC.

General Contractor Karnour Development location

Los Angeles. California completion May 2002 photography

Mcftael Schneider f

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