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Built as a hotel in 1948, the recent remodel of the Biltmore Colony includes the addition of (133) condominiums and (19) single family homes. As Js from the landscape, Orange Street Studio worked closely with the archite :it (DesignARC) on the design of the single family colony and the commur -clubhouse. Both the architects and Orange Street Studio felt it was importa -to retain the Mid-century sensibility of the original structure.

Creating a strong sense of community within the colony was particua-important to Orange Street Studio. This was accomplished with the des 5" of efficient and interesting patterns of open space and circulation, as thes-elements create an armature for access and shared activity. A main inter ; roadway provides an unobstructed path, while also serving as a plaza colony gatherings. A repetitive pattern of decorative paving along roadway provides a bold visual effect, while shade trees offer much nee respite from the sun. Open spaces throughout the colony accommoda' both active and passive activities. In addition to focused lawn areas, the-are several amenity areas which include swimming pools, shade trees ar structures, and barbeques in common landscape areas.

Climatic context was particularly important to Orange Street Studio. T-

- ~ -ght tolerant plant palette reflects sensitivity to the project's

- : need for low maintenance. Existing Washingtonia filiferia ;-_ma robusta palms were incorporated on site, their columnar z sring a sense of rhythm and cohesion. Common areas are -- masses of sculptural agaves, aloes, grasses and shrubs, : - :oid, graphic sensibility, while the use of rock, pebbles and r granite adds detailed textural interest. Reoccurring themes

- s c ovide continuity, ultimately adding to the overall sense of

\ Entry court with modern signature lights and Ocotillo (Fouquieria spendens) creating a vertical rhythm. Condominiums in background.

T Biltmore Colony Clubhouse Marquis and entry garden with Mexican Fan palms and desert plants. Appropriate plants for a desert location.

i A field of Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuisima) catches the breeze along South Palm Canyon.

i I Desert Zen detail: boulder, stones, Myoporum ground cover and Agave parry i.

>/ Clubhouse garden detail is a composition of Golden Barrel Cactus, Yuccas. Aloes, and California Gold crushed rock.

<— Poolside at clubhouse on exposed aggregate pool deck. An invitation to lounge.

-- repetitious landscape elements serve to unify the Biltmore . z jal areas are defined with thoughtful, more specific landscape V - : -family streetscapes incorporate the use of berms, detention i:ss-plantings, creating visual interest and natural privacy by - ; : acent parking areas and providing for pedestrian passage. A ne walkway moves through these streetscape gardens. Single t ces highlight the concept of variation and unique entry. The landscape is intimate and refined, calling attention to the ■* ; . iews and architectural details.

client / owner

Nexus Residential other key consultants

Architects. DesignARC (Clubhouse. Single-family homes),

Architects Humphreys & Associates (Condominiums);

Landscape Contractors: La Hacienda location

Palm Spnngs, Caiifonia completion



Michael Schracier

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