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The space is located on the 10th floor penthouse level of a loft conversion o* a*-abandoned warehouse, which is a national historic landmark. The space balance: living materials and man-made materials within a precinct bounded by walls or three sides. On the fourth side is an expansive view of the Mississippi River ar -a postcard view of Downtown Minneapolis. The owner's expansive art collect cr and love of minimalism inspired the landscape architect's approach.

The primary design features of the space are a rooftop lawn and badminton co , " a Corten steel water wall and a meditation pavilion. The garden terrace synthesizes the architecture and the landscape within a shared modernist vocabulary.

The loft architecture and landscape sustain a symbiotic relationship where eacr 5 enriched by the other, managing light and form outside of the traditional garde-residence paradigm.

This rich interior-exterior relationship is accomplished with an acute dedicat c-to the subtle detail found in the Japanese garden tradition. The landscape architect's attention to how light and shadow accentuate differences in the space creates a landscape that subtly shifts from morning to night, day to day, ar: season to season. The Japanese influence can also be seen in the deliberate framing of interior to exterior views, as well as the placement of objects with -those views.


2005 Design Honor Award, American Society of

Landscape Architects. 2004 Design Honor Award, American Society of

Landscape Architects, Minnesota Chapter. 2003 Architecture Magazine House of the Year.

Modular forms frame the outdoor space - the planters frame the meditat :-pavilion and the walkway, the terrace frames the lawn, the plantings help :c frame the approaches to the lawn space. This penthouse roof garden is a" excellent example of creating a usable space for intimate or large gatherings that not only shows the finest attention to aesthetic detail, but also embraces ecological design in stormwater collection and reuse.

r'oepiual sketch of garden plan

: ar the penthouse and garden. :s undand assoc.)

-Doftop garden at sunset.

. r.% rooftop prior to construction. :! -id.and.assoc.)

— lg room and Mississippi River beyond at sunset

\a: .e grasses catch the light of the setting sun and contrast with the raised lawn planter and meditation pavilion when seen from the dining room. * ~ - • :chen terrace as seen from the raised lawn. A hanging Corten steel wall incorporates an oversized Ikebana shelf holding a small Japanese maple tree (oslund.and.assoc) * V 3 en is! outdoor furniture is centered in the doorway looking out towards the kitchen terrace from the entry vestibule. -t's of Corten wall with "Ikebana" shelf & water feature.

T The lawn panel has an illuminated reveal at its base, creating the appearance of a floating plane during the evening hours.

/ Looking at the meditation pavilion from within the grid of Corten steel planters.

<— Close up of illuminated Lynn Geesaman at night.

T Lawn panel, planters, and Geesaman art pieces seen at twilight.

-> The small meditation pavilion anchors the corner of the rooftop, while the lush lawn softens the foreground.

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