2004 Design Award of Excellence. American Society of Landscape Architects, Minnesota Chapter 2004 Design Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Minnesota Chapter. 2004 Design Merit Award. American Society of Landscape Architects. 2004 8th Annual Business Week/Architectural Record Awards, Architectural Record/Business Week.

General Mills Corporate Campus, originally designed by S.O.M. Architec statement of 1950s modernism juxtaposed against a pastoral landscece the acquisition of the Pillsbury Corporation, the campus needed to e*c accommodate an influx of new employees. The construction of a 32^ ft(32,400 sq m) office building, a 138,000 sq ft(13,800 sq m) employee ? building and a 1,750-space parking structure would disturb the 35-acs site, charging the landscape architect to create a new setting.

The resulting design creates the illusion that the new buildings are within the landscape, touching a motionless plane of water. Formal site c directly adjacent to the buildings help reinforce the architecture, while far' an undulating natural landscape reinforces the attitude so complime^a-site sculpture.

In the process of construction, many pieces of sculpture needed to be e The landscape architect's design creates a crisp, clean and organic canvas relocated art that was a natural extension of the existing outdoor ga e-.

The client strongly desired places for employee respite and interactior as large gatherings. In response, the landscape architect designed two c: on two different levels to act as reflections of each other and ac: programmatic needs of the site.

In addition, the design offers the user formal and informal water features water channel moves through the outdoor dining area into a larger rro-e water body that receives stormwater runoff from the site. This ne^ : :: landscape is a pleasure to view from the executive offices, the pedes* or the dining terrace.

Plan of the General Mills Campus. Buildings and features in black are the new additions to campus, (oslund.and. assoc.)

The dining terrace, with views across the pond into the pastoral surroundings.


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The outdoor dining terrace between the new buildings, fronts 3 new pond

A waterfall emerges from the .v stairway and flows undernear of stainless steel grating, bourse: either side by canopy trees ar : areas. _

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twilight, the exterior patio space and building appear to float on a newly created pond.

* Bcfovsky's "Man With A Briefcase" ^-icmpasses the foreground as the ta pond, dining terrace and buildings * -fsh the composition.

. iking down on the new pond, it 'vermes apparent where the system actions from a more formal design to 3 more natural one. (oslund.and.assoc.)


General Mills other key consultants

Hammel. Green & Abratwnson. Minneapolis.

Minnesota location

Golden Valley. Minnesota completion December 2004 photography

George Henrich unless stated

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