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Hewlett-Packard 9/11 Reflection Garden

The Office of James Burnett

The 9/11 Reflection Garden was designed to honor employees and other vie: ~ lost in the September 11 attack on the United States. Set in a quiet, wooded area the Reflection Garden captures life through the movement of light and shaci which undulates through the space as the direction of the sun changes throug^:. the day. A white concrete path contrasts elegantly with the dark organic iofr* floor and leads to circular limestone seat walls that form the memorial.

On the morning of September 11 each year, the sun spills directly dowr r center of the path and through the opening of the circular walls. The seat w5 remain in shadow, creating a dramatic effect. The sun, guided by the white per* symbolizes the triumph of life over the shadow of loss.

" -side of the memorial entry es a stacked limestone seat wall. ' - 'cular form is pure, representing eiess and life.

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The mulch grc-': white path walls create 3 r contrast.

i dm - - white concrete cuts through the thick vegetation to the entry of the memorial. Light is captured perfectly along the white path while the ia :. : r.g walls and center of the memorial remain in shadow on the morning of September 11th each year.

- 1 e piaque dedicated the memorial to those who lost their lives on September 11. 2001.

- 3"0\v white path gradually widens and intersects a bed of black star gravel within the walls of the memorial. The dark gravel is a dramatic r - r -or the white path.

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