Southwest Women Working Together Healing Garde

The community organization, Southwest Women Working Together, provic full range of programs aimed at empowering women to address life-crisis is; set goals, and achieve self-determination and they need a new modern fac continue their expanding work.

The small site, just over half an acre in size, was reclaimed. An aband building, rehabilitated to provide offices and counseling rooms, was connect a new addition by a glass corridor that serves as the main entrance to the bu and to the 4500 sq ft(450 sq m) courtyard.

The courtyard, known as the Serenity Garden, is used for daily activities su counseling, small discussion groups, lunches and staff meetings as well c special events. The tall wall surrounding the courtyard not only provides a fe of safety and tranquility but extends its use into the colder months of the Views from inside the building extend the enjoyment of the courtyard.

Separate seating areas, distinguished by plantings and paving patterns, e privacy during counseling sessions. Because the courtyard is also used for p and special events shared with the adjoining community room, sufficient p was included to accommodate these gatherings. Shrub masses, flowering * and shade trees compliment the space. Plantings were specifically select provide colorful blooms throughout the growing season and memory touchs for clients and visitors. They were also selected for toughness and for their s to thrive with little maintenance. Small fountains add to the sensory effect; soothing sounds.

The most challenging aspect of the design was fulfilling the bold, contemp vision for the courtyard within the constraints imposed by the project's ecoi Materials for both building and courtyard were selected for handsome durability, and good value.

CYLA Design Associates, Inc."


2005 Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence for neighborhood design.

«- Plan of courtyard and building entrance, i Courtyard viewed from the community room.

T Window wall of new addition showing community room (lower) and computer lab (upper room). / Courtyard looking toward glass passageway (left) that contains the main entrance to facility and to courtyard.

i Courtyard looking toward east elevation of new addition.

area with courtyard and paving. Jtation in the courtyard.

• ation and discreet entrance to building. Mature trees in parkway (to right) are only large trees on Mocks.

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