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West Podium Park is an elevated green space along a road that bridges sp. between a hotel and an office building. The desire was to create an ar sustainable rooftop landscape that function as a soothing green open pea space in the new evolving Seaport District of South Boston.

This waterfront environment influenced the landscape and the architecture of space. The sides of the open balcony are equipped with metal screen sculpin sail elements that mitigate wind. Stainless steel, precast concrete pavers c mahogany furniture all work well. The covered walk surrounding three sides of Park abuts buildings, which incorporate green sedum roofs. The central feat of the park is a campanile/clock tower, which anchors the stair that descends the water below. This conveyance hosts a rippling metal dragon sculpture. 1 owner's mandate that the space be more about green not architecture is rea ; in the green lushness of the park, even in winter. Plants were chosen not a for their ability to survive; but also to evoke various ecological microclimates ~ canopy and ground plane-under story plantings are a veritable woven tapest' * plants.

t Trellis walk. / Bench overlooking harbor I Paths through park.


Fidelity Real Estate other key consultants

Kallmann McKmneil & Wood Architects Inc location

Boston, Massachusetts completion



Anton Grasste, Robert Benson Presstey Associates

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