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Pressley Associates is best known for our 23 years of Campus La-Design at Northeastern University. While we have provided design for a : impressive list of colleges and universities, our Northeastern Univers u C Design assignments succeeded in helping to totally transform Ame- :s's commuter campus known for the very short stays of the students ana surface parking into one of the country's most sought after universities . clearly inviting and memorable urban campus spaces.

The design provides a wide variety of gathering areas for students wir ce and vehicular access to the buildings and surrounding landscape, while a:: wind created by the proximity of the large dormitory buildings. Bu: a rg: establish a strong presence for the University along Boston's Hunting-: -"Avenue of the Arts" and provides a gateway onto the campus for stude visitors.

t Curvilinear path.

/" Landscape in front of Building H.

\ Building H entrance.

J Building G entrance.

«— Parker Street Plaza. ./ Pedestrian path. ./V Promenade.


Northeastern University other key consultants

William Rawn Associates Architects, inc location

Boston, Massachusetts completion



Pressiey Associates

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