Rios Clementi Hale Studios

Landscape has the ability to create a powerful sense of place. In 1955 the arch A. Quincy Jones worked with landscape architect Garrett Eckbo to design a h for the actor, Gary Cooper. Their idea was to create a modern, indoor-outi lifestyle with views and connections to the magnificent surrounding trees Arroyo. Modernist geometries were continued from the architectural forms house out into the site, interior materials were brought outside, and landsc materials, such as stone, were brought inside.

It was this sculptural modern architecture, the beauty of the surrounding and the ability to inhabit both, that inspired the current owners to purchase property. Throughout the past several years, two additional adjoining proper have been purchased and combined into the current 5-acre(2 ha) garden ut the design guidance of Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Rios oversaw signif changes to grading, circulation, hardscape, and planting that unified the site created a comprehensive set of experiences for the owners and their guests

The inspiration for this garden starts with the modern forms of the house and transparent way the building sits on the site. The modernist garden vocabu of geometric forms and a minimal plant palette set the stage for the entry approach to the house. The back lawn garden culminates with the merging of modern garden into the surrounding naturalistic setting. Down in the arroyo on the adjoining newer properties the natural landscape becomes intenstf engulfing the visitor in its exaggerated scale. The gardens transform accorc to exposure and site conditions. Shade gardens, succulent gardens, and a va" of other plant ecosystems are on array throughout the overall experience o-' site. A stroll through the gardens will transport the visitor's memory to a var of locales. It is the strong linkages between place and experience, architect and garden, that distinguish this garden.

t Art is integrated into the landscape.

—> Sculpture in the garden, i Modern architecture inspired garden design.

t Stone stairs lead to multiple garden levels / Pathways wind through expansive site // Natural arroyo landscape combines with new plantings, i The garden transforms according to exposure.


Beverly Hills. California completion



Tom Bonner

Wood platform over the ravine defines an outdoor room.

Open terrace gives variety of resting spaces.

Succulent gardens combine with variety of vegetation.

Water features add interest and depth.

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