Riverside Park South Phase

Thomas Balsley Associates

Riverside Park South stretches along Manhattan's Westside and the Hudson Riv from 59th Street to 72nd Street and is the last link in the continuous riverfro esplanade connection from Battery Park to 125th Street.

In 1991, Thomas Balsley Associates was asked to lead the master planning desic effort for a 29-acre(11.7 ha) waterfront park associated with a new resident development. The design effort involved coordination between urban design ar environmental considerations, highway relocations, and extensive commun outreach and participation. It required a creative, yet efficient, approach that w= responsive to intractable agency approval timetables, various highway relocatk scenarios and, of course, client objectives.

The entire park project was divided into seven phases, of which the first fo have been completed along the water's edge. The design strives to transfor this unused piece of the Hudson River shoreline that is literally a few bloc from Central Park into a waterfront park unique to Manhattan. Unlike tr existing Riverside Park site, the bold plan to relocate the existing Miller Highw: beneath the proposed park will provide a unique opportunity for West Siders walk directly to the park and river. The design concept draws upon the use provocatively staged encounters between the rich railroad heritage and artis: expressions of the 21 st century culture of recreation and environment. Extension of each street corridor offer accessible street-level seating with dramatic v\ev and terminate with river overlook terraces and pavilions. The pathways mo through tidal grasses and coves, past stabilized historic gantry towers and pie that have been preserved as visual benchmarks of the site's industrial past. Tr diverse landscape has been woven together into a compelling park environme that draws upon the tradition of Olmsted's Riverside Park, connects with Hudsc River Park to the north and heralds a new future for city waterfront parks.


2001 Rediscovery Award, New York State Governor's Waterfront:

2003 Honor Award. American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter.

1 - • and perspective with highway in place

1 - • and perspective with highway in place

- i view of Phase IV: cove bridge. : us. shade canopies, and lawn mounds se.ond.


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T View from the 72nd Street Pier.

f View of George Washington Bridge from 750' pier end.

—» Custom furniture is designed to provide a unique river-edge "pause" at each terrace.

\ Primary esplanade flanked by lawns.

Riverside Landscape DesignRiverside Landscape Design

\ Narrow interpretive overlook piers aligned with original piers.

t An interpretive overlook.

\ A "train-shed" shade structure becomes a park "follie'along the esplanade.

<— Boardwalks through the grasses.

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- - - , '

Riverside South Planning Coip .

TnjTip/N-r/v World Holdings;

Gity of New York Department of Parks and

Recreations other key consultants

Master Ran Stodrntye Owings Merrill, Paul Witten

- Architects Phase I Jody Pinto, Lee Weinfraub - Co-Designers location

New York New York completion



Michael Koontz

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