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Rios Clementi Hale Studios and Westfield's in-house design team embarkea a highly collaborative process, renovating an existing mall into a contempor urban shopping center that reflects its sophisticated customer base. The redes of Westfield Century City captures the authentic modern aesthetic of South California. The renovation unifies the public spaces and retail storefronts w : cohesive design language that is rooted in the modernism and outdoor lifest of Southern California. The redesign harkens back to the urban optimism roo in Century City.

The Dining Terrace spills casually into the outdoors, acting as a central gather and eating area. It offers a refined dining experience that is achieved throL modern furnishings, elegant planters, outdoor lounge areas, and dishware prov>c by notNeutral—the homeware product line of Rios Clementi Hale Studios. She of plate glass enclose the interior dining area, blurring the boundaries betwe the indoors and outdoors. The transparency provides guests direct views to Century City skyline—emphasizing the urban sense of place—and allows nati light to flood the interior.

-i -ers double as casual *ee ng pervades the

-$ accent the interior and exterior dining areas, uniting the spaces architectural language that highlights the urbanity of Century City m; "r s Tne experience of users. The Dining Terrace features a simple i = e::e of transparent and opaque glass, steel, and Mangaris wood.

: : ass canopies extend sculpturally over the outdoor seating area, % • a/.ning for a more cozy, lounge-like atmosphere. Various seating f-'s—' ving room" lounge, communal tables, stool-height tables—give ^ : : r : : - Dice. In the interior, elongated rows of wood panels extend along •r ; r 2 .va ¡s, lending a warm, textured quality. The food-vendor stations s•• r . designed under the direction of design guidelines created by Rios

sr : _.i;r orogram—by Rios Clementi Hale Studios—complements the

- . r rorroonents. Sculptural wood and metal planters have built-in - "rse :- • ke plant palette confirms the Southern California location.

t Natural light streams into the interior food court.

\ Architectural standards are set for individual vendors (Newsstand design by Corsini Architects) i Inside and outside flow seamlessly together.


Westfield other key consultants

Westfield Architecture Department location

Los Angeles, California completion



Tom Bonner

T Landscaped containers lead to awning marking dining terrace.

—» Even escalator unit has landscape elements

<- Dramatic lighting heralds entry to upper-level Dining Terrace.

Biltmore Colony, Palm Springs

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