Spectacle Island

Brown, Richardson & Rowe, Inc awards

2000 Honor Award, Boston Society of Landscape Architects.

The 40-hectare project transforms an abandoned landfill into an eco-friendly : -: « park. One million cubic meters of dredged fill excavated from the Central ^ f Tunnel was spread over the abandoned landfill to produce a natural landforr-island was covered with an impenetrable cap and a final layer of manufac: soil to varying depths, depending on the placement of trees, shrubs, and q-ci i

In order for the island landfill to function successfully as a park, the newly p!.= :« soils need long-term and short-term protection from harsh winds and s*: ~ waves, especially on the east and northeast sides. Mostly native plant spe: «i were selected to be capable of withstanding recreational usage, to rec. r minimal maintenance while being subjected to high winds, intense ra"flL salt spray, snow, ice and drought, to hold soil, and to self-seed. Initially 2 trees and 25,600 shrubs and vines were planted. Brown, Richardson & z also designed the layout of the extensive trail system. Public facilities des by others include a dock, marina, and visitor center. Various wildlife, espec a hi nesting birds, have repopulated the island.

Brown, Richardson & Rowe won an Honor Award from the Boston Soc:e* Landscape Architects in 2000 for its work on Spectacle Island.

Spectacular. i ^rd Site Plan, raor 2 a "ids Aerial ct to Picnic.

Northern America Landscape

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