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Perkins Park is a 7,200 sq ft (720 sq m) community play park in East SorefwBjj Massachusetts USA, which opened in July 2006. Conceptually, the design frares -stages an array of recreational activities that might occupy the small space, alternate • xr simultaneously, in whole or in part. It sets up conditions for freer, more unhibited c e. rm is often available in heavily prescribed urban playgrounds.

The design emphasizes two features — surface and enclosure — in order to exp^- - vm array of activities in the park and to create an identifiable image for the park a": neighborhood.

In response to the park's tight site and pressure for it to host a dense array of act .: est® the neighborhood's kids, teenagers, and adults, Stoss designed the park as an oct • r : impregnated with water jets, gameboards, play equipment, abstract markings, c : materials borrowed from highways, subway platforms, and crosswalks — eleme-~: -familiar to neighborhood kids, very much indigenous to their dense urban environme* * park's surface and the surrounding fence emphasize bright colors and dramatic yellow chain link; blue surface reflectors; red equipment poles; gray pavers; yellow * « and a surface of red, black, white, and yellow paint, asphalt, and poured-in-place ': -r Overlapping patterns and textures offer opportunities for organized, conventiona :r-«i — basketball, hopscotch, four square, etc. — as well as creative games inve^:. :r discovered by the unselfconscious actions of children who encounter the place.

Herein lies the magic: how the surface is brought to life, how it is animated by re : of children whose actions alternately presence distinct sets of markings, play fie :: a^r equipment clusters throughout the colorful play-mat; or ignore the markings altoc™-* appropriating the entire field as a single play zone. The park's articulated surface ai : • : both organized and free play, and its performance is realized in the various ways r • -^dk the play-field hosts multiple activities, and supports flexibility and adaptability of we intent — far beyond the limits and prescriptions usually applied by over-cautious =: * well-meaning, adults and government agencies.

- • • r adjacent apartment window during opening.

» si carte p- :e an: bollards from Perkins Court.

- ; basketball hoop.


1t : re swing. fjcvip cf tne play structures in the organized play zone. « :- : 'enures throughout the park, --ts r::: :*5 of play structures.


City of Somerv.'le Massachusetts location

Sornerville, Massachusetts design team at stoss

ChUs Reed (Rncipai). Chris Muskopf. Marc Brossa.

Bryan Miyanara. other key consultants

Mountainview Landscapes, Chteopee. Massachusetts;

White Engineering, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


JuV 2006


Stoss Inc (all rights reserved)

Beth Israel Memorial Garden

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