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A modestly scaled contemporary house, subtly but richly detain: mq the landscape design for this sloping, one-acre (0.4 ha) site near re zzm Pebble Beach. The house uses antique Chinese limestone and gran :e : = a modern design aesthetic. Landscaping is serene and low key. us«rg ym tolerant plants with an emphasis on foliage rather than flowers - gras -Californian and Mediterranean natives such as lavender, manzamta, : k coast live oaks predominate.

Texture and form create depth of field, drawing the eye through the ¿r Architectural walls follow the lead of the house; crisp, geome* constructed from antique Chinese stone and Corten steel. Elsewhere, s*:" -that enclose plantings are designed to appear as part of the land . includes an entry courtyard, a rear courtyard with a square fire pit o* ii- - : and gravel, and a spa with a teak deck set against a stone wall.

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lerfiist landscape architecture compliments a »temporary home.

The lap pool becomes an extension of the adjacent living room. A large single pane of glass allows for a strong inside/ outside connections and defines the width of the lap pool.

i Landscape plan.

T Rear courtyard with antique, Chinese limestone fire pit. / Alternate view.

/V Antique Chinese limestone wall captures color and texture of architect's design. \ Alternate view.

i Antique stone monuments contrast with grasses.

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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