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2002 Award of Honor, Northern California Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects.

This roof top oasis at Wells Fargo corporate headquarters in San Franc sc designed by Royston, Hanamoto, Alley & Abbey in conjunction with O Sekimizu of Honolulu, in 1985. Located adjacent to the boardroom and e\€ dining room, this Japanese styled garden functioned as both a visual and p! retreat. However, after years of wear, plants were dead and dying and the #e structures were decaying. The most urgent goal was to address drainage and prevent water leakage into offices below.

Before dismantling the garden, SCDA meticulously mapped the existing plant by plant and rock by rock for precise placement on reuse. Our e re-engineered the installation, improving it with new, high-tech waterpr upgraded drainage and irrigation, and elevated pavers. SCDA contracted „ Corporation of Cuptertino, California to implement the restoration.

A Japanese maple tree and bamboo fountain were replaced, inac groundcover was corrected with dwarf mondo grass, and black pine ana tress were pruned, restoring their meticulous Japanese style. Deckir replicated with old-growth cedar while wood column covers, benches trellis were restored and refinished. The result revives and preserves the s this classic Japanese design.

This restoration received an Award of Honor from the Northern California C of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Plaza Grass FountainSuzman Rooftop Garden

Rooftop garden. Pagoda and garden. Japanese composition.

Suzman Rooftop GardenSuzman Rooftop Garden

Deckside maple

Deck granite inlay

Japanese black pine red leaf maple

Commercial Landscape Plaza DesignRoof Monitor Sawtooth

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