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2005 Honor Award (Design Constructed), America Society of Landscape Aechitects, Texas Chapter; 2003 National Excellence in Design Award, America Society of Landscape Aechitects.

The 650,000 sq ft(65,000 sq m) office building will serve as Phase o~ 5 regional headquarters and is located on 309 acres(124.8 ha) of ope- : Post Oak Savannah with two existing ponds. The land, which is active was acquired from Circle T ranch and from a private owner. SWA r-planning and full landscape architectural services for the project w *-from the client of maintaining the natural character of the site SWj closely with the owner, architect and engineers in siting the building a-garage making use of the natural features available. Trees removea v were required by ordinance to be replaced on a caliper to cahpe' m Roads and utilities were carefully routed to preserve as many exis* possible. Dam reconstruction, pond reshaping, dredging and edge imp-were also implemented.

The site plan features a 309-acre site that is part pasture and part woodland, with two existing ponds and a central drainage way.

Sandstone is a predominant material for both the building and watercourses at the entry lobby, so that structures and site work feel as if they were made from the exposed rock of the site itself.

mem m

• edge appears to peel away in layers like the sedimentary strata of the earth beneath.

z'e headquarters building design distills the essence of the North Texas prairie through careful placement of built elements, plant communities and design expression derived from the native landscape. : racks up into wildflower meadows, created by fill from the rest of the site, graded and planted to appear natural and screen future development beyond its edges, set at some distance from the office building, encourages workers to meander through the landscape. :~ade the sandstone dining deck. Walking trails, outdoor dining, and sitting areas also provide amenities for employees.

«- This view of the motor court entry at the vis tcf. preserves the existing trees and integrates ne seasonal color.

/ To screen the parking garage from the office : designers placed them at some distance iron and provided a covered walkway for shade

// The pond edge exhibits native aquatic : a* reconstructed sedimentary stone layers

ape design weaves the new uses into the native landscape by preserving mature stands of trees, the surface drainage system, layering - renal of subtle textures and colors, and utilizing native materials for man-made structures.

rft : "erent grasses, including both native and ornamentals stitch together the existing and man-made landscapes.

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