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SWA provided site planning and full landscape architectural services fo " room desert resort hotel on a 54-acre(21.8 ha) site. The project also ' restaurants, a day-spa facility and a conference center. The landsca provides a desert theme contrasted with water in the form of lakes lush foliage, and the desert theme provides a distinction in plar: tc walks under desert tree canopy and open desert with cactus -courtyards - the lush green entry/arrival area, the desert botan central courtyard framed by a lake, the island courtyard and the spa provide diverse experiences of the design. On-site desert trees were salvaged and used in the final landscape. The resort has me: 18-hole golf courses.

Swa Design

The landscape features meandering walkways lined with distinctive planting under desert canopy. / "ns distinctive use of native plantings is a hallmark of the landscape design. On-site desert trees and saguaros were preserved and re-planted as part of the final landscape.

SWA provided site planning and full landscape architectural services for this 1,000-room desert resort hotel on a 54-acre|21 8 ha) site. Verdant courtyards connected by shaded walkways look out onto open desert.

Castelo Alc Cer Sal Fotos AntigasSwa Landscape

softer far a desert wash corridor, an

«sec r , - desert regions. These 5C5 r fountains designed

- :* Adter to maximum effect. --m m* e focusing the use of desert

Matures examples of plants " r are also featured in plantings

Swa Design

Î The lush green entry and arrival drive is a cooling transition from the outlying desert regions. / The open space walkways are planted with native cactii and other indigenous vegetation i Hand-selected mature desert palms are planted in allées, to provide shaded walkways and courtyards for an oasis in this arid climate.

Swa Landscape Architecture

r -: .; " 8-noie golf courses located on the perimeter of the resort gardens.

- -. ■. :: s at the resort, this pool at the day spa is a place for rejuvenation. Personal cabanas for spa treatments are • ;• : the main day spa center is located at the far end of the pool.

T The Wildfire Pool at night.

i Pools of every shape and function define each courtyard and walkway Many are recreational, some meander across several distinct areas, all are dramatic under the desert night sky.

* as several special uses for night fire in the desert landscape. Warming fires are built in Kiva fire pits at night, and the torch fire is c --; the Wildfire Fountain. Desert native ritual places are recalled in these events.

* " - r e fountain becomes a waterfall during the daytime.

: * every shape and function define each courtyard and walkway.


Homberger-fWastell, Architects and Planners,

Hensel Phelps Constnjaion owner

Marriott International location

Scottscfaie. A/izone other key consultants

General Contractors; Hubert Hunt & Nichols. Inc. team at swa group

Bin Callaway. Rend Bihan, Ciotilde Vellard. Ymg Yu Hung, Ross Nadeau, Rick Story, .John Loomis, Claudia Kath completion



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