The Oak Park Public Library

CYLA Design Associates, Inc.


2004 Merit Award, Best New Construction - Suburbs, Chicago Building Congress. (This project displays distinctive design, outstanding construction, and a positive impact on the surrounding community.)

Created out of a vacated street, the new Library Plaza is designed to S€ variety of programming needs. It serves as the main entrance and terra library users, as the pedestrian transition zone between the adjacent Si Park and the new facility, and as a site for special events for the park. The also accommodates access for emergency vehicles.

The building and landscape reflect a village-wide interest in implem« sustainable technologies and preserving existing amenities. An exte greenroof on the main facility, which covers about 75% of the site, reduces water load and the heat island effect. All existing large trees on the projet were saved and protected during construction, which helps to shade the and adds to a sense of the plaza's connection to the park.

The plaza reflects design themes used in the architecture of the librar angularity of the building's east façade is reflected in the plaza's staggere edge, and the plaza's angular scoring pattern was drawn from the design tr within the interior of the building. The green edge of the park was incre and a new walkway connection from the park improved circulation betwe« park and the new plaza. Even the layout planting materials on the roof refle angular design theme. Plantings which are drawn from a native plant palette and compliment the building and outdoor spaces, provide year round intere beauty and a suitable transition into the pastoral public park, which is hist: significant and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hardscape materials were selected for compatibility with the library's cladc natural limestone and copper. The concrete plaza was given a sandblasted exposing the specially chosen aggregate. The natural stone used on the b. was fashioned into the seatwalls.

<— Plan of new building and plaza with existing Jensen designed park to right.

i New plaza and building as seen from the public park.

: sidewalk.

e-et drop-off and window wall of new library overlooking park.

;a T.ade of Mankato Stone, matching building exterior.

asted textured finish and scoring pattern drawn from the lines in library fe pattern typical in the Village is seen in the distance.

t Pink dianthus stripe between mat -left) and sempervivum (hen and chicier •

Plan of green roof.


Edge restraint outlines all stone mulch areas (typ.)

^— Stone border around roof dram and as path to service doors (typ.)

- 18* Stone border along parapet (typ.)

green roof overlooking Lake Street with stone church (at right), - jdle. Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple to the left.

:r : through sedum and other green roof plants.

: 3f and Park in background.

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