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Power Block is an existing power sub-station in downtown Houston, adaiz' to the new basketball arena and a new 1200 room Hilton hotel. Located m midst of a growing convention center district that is expected to see ove" : million visitors each year, the substation is highly visible. This proposed : r takes advantage of the block's central location and transforms the block ^ light park.

The perimeter security wall is turned into a changing light display that i synchronized with a series of light sticks. With the passing of time and seas:-5 the light show is designed to change. As for the block's perimeter, the streetscaif is conceived as a place for people to gather before and after events to water v f light show.

- 3ower Block is successful because it features the infrastructure of the station and does not conceal it. The client group, consisting of the Power Company, the Convention Center, the Sports Authority, the Hotel Operator. : an adjacent land owner, all worked together to turn an eyesore into another feature for this area of downtown. People gather nightly at the observation area to watch the evening light show which features the beauty of r idustrial architecture.

\ The landscape arc* *ect area" for the pc*?' Mxi of the industrial s :- tec?, r painted a glossy pear at night.

<— Adjacent ic ^ - ~ Z arena in dowTrcrw- -..rr is effectively surraMec ^ r grasses and p a— Ltx perimeter wal tna soser adjacent tx :Drcvtfnc r I the block.

Vr'Ttait is when the power block comes to life and reveals its aocturnal self

S ».ED colors saturate the block creating strong visual interest for re adjacent hotel rooms.

. Amnated by the changing colors of light, the brick, metal and plant ~ i'r-3's combine to create a beautifully textured streetscape.

• . r*: ran be programmed to be the same color, or to change, creating y rteresting light show.

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