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This single-family residence emphasizes an interior/exterior connection as -courtyard landscape complements the home's modern architecture.

A terrace of large stone pavers lays the groundwork for unique rectang. a planting openings and wooden chaise lounges which add warmth to the spa:~

A clean, inviting circular relaxation pool serves as the focal point in the cente' the court. Its water spills into an adjacent lap pool that is equipped with s: if jets. Strategically placed uplighting and unique site landscaping complete * r modern simplicity of the design.

T The three level residence, high bay q&zi-. : t two level guest quarters define the teci arm court. Large windows and doors or. -structures provided for great views a-: :■': ■ into the court. The landscape architect sited the exterior program elements sc t^r logically work with the interior rooms of tr-maximizing views

«— A roof terrace on top of the garage ove- .::« ^ r court and provides for a beautiful view 1 :: r Bamboo planted within a bed of Mexica-Pebbles further define and reinforce the -e - m pool and provide the backdrop for the colT Bamboo is punctuated by an eight-foo: ta w+m stucco wall and dramatic up-lighting

♦-«-Strategically placed chaise seating 3a advantage of the optimum sun Contemporary teak furniture works we * —m building architecture and conveys warmr me space.

* The circular relaxation pool is centered within the court. Glass doors were incorporated into the garage structure to maximize views and access to both the court and garage.

\ "he landscape architect treated the front of the house as an opportunity to make a bold statement with plant material. Large trays of Miscanthus Grass. Bicolor Iris. Asian Jasmine and Bermuda grass frame the home and complement a 40 foot tall Pin Oak. Bamboo scales the large facade of the residence while a Japanese Yew hedge defines the edges The simplicity of the design works extremely well with the clean lines of the building architecture.

Up lighting was incorporated to emphasis the plantings and home.


Ara Malkhasssan location Houston. Texas completion May 2003 photography Mat! McKjnney

Reid Residence

The Office of James Burnett

The clean and elegant style of this home is reflected in the landscape through application of simple geometry in pools, terraces, walls, and planting beds.

A beautiful red wall, perhaps the most striking feature of the garden, m *-the use of bright primary colors within the house and draws the eye out into landscape. At the base of the wall, water cascading from a stainless stee! : adds sound and movement to the garden.

In contrast, a still, deep blue reflecting pool occupies the center of the gar: Together, the red wall, the deep blue of the pool, and many soft layers of gre landscape create a beautiful composition, while providing cool and pure spa to occupy and enjoy.

r*: kitchen garden flanks the «3 : terrace providing direct access - «::hsn and takes advantage of ~ - icmuro sun exposure. Inexpensive sarajated metal roofing was used as a fence.




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T ' e pool is located off the center of the house and the main living area. A concrete block wall runs the rear of the property and provides the backdrop for the entire garden. Large trays of Miscanthus 3rass. Bicolor Iris, and Purple Fountain Grass transition the concrete block wall to lawn. The simplicity of the design works extremely well with the clean lines of the building architecture Notice the recycled granite pool coping.

V The landscape architect carefully sited the exterior program elements so that they logically worked with the existing interior rooms of the home. The outdoor seating terrace shown was located to be an extension of the adjacent Breakfast room. A beautiful living water garden and fountain provides the terminus for the terrace. client/owner

' To call further attention to the living water garden and fountain, the block wall steps forward at this feature and is painted red. This helps to establish the stainless steel fountain and water garden as the main feature of the garden. Houston exas

— The project is a single-family residence in Houston. The home's development emphasized the nterior/exterior connection. The client expressed a desire that exterior materials worked well with building architecture The program included a pool, terrace, living water garden and fountain. photography herb garden, activity lawn, privacy wall, and unique site landscaping. The Office of James Burnett

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