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Nestled in the Sanctuary courtyard of the First Presbyterian Church in Hous:: is a garden that celebrates life. The Memorial Garden consists of a circular pa: stone wall, water feature, and seating, creating a tranquil environment.

The circular brick path symbolizes the "Circle of Lite" and allows visitors " access and experience the garden on an intimate level. The path contras" dramatically with the grass, drawing the eye to the Memorial Wall, which visua slices through the center of the circle. The travertine wall is engraved wir scriptural passage of great meaning to the church and the opposite side of **" wall is engraved with the names of loved ones, creating a garden for solitude a" reflection. Water spills through bronze scuppers that divide the wall, animat • the space and soothing visitors.



Names of loved ones are recognized on the opposite side of the wall. This shaded garden area provides a place for solitude and reflection. Seating is oriented under the shade of an existing oak.

The congregation at First Presbyterian was passionate about creating a wonderful, meaningful space to remember loved ones. The landscape architect worked closely with the church to develop a program that created a garden for ash interment and remembrance. The garden had to be designed in order to allow for contemplative use, yet welcome group gathering. Visitors sense the sanctity of life reflected in the beautiful garden.

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e.-" ne, the stone wall is engraved on the Sanctuary side with a Biblical quote of great ; r e church "For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead S i:: • -gs of living water, and God will wipe away tears from their eyes". The space created on - : ■:. :es a public side of the garden designed for gathering and congregation. Water spills z .vail panels creating a refreshing sound and cooling effect.

. etifie walls are spaced in a straight line and bisect the garden. A scriptural passage is : ustng various sized font for emphasis and create an interesting visual effect.

a - : 3n large Mexican Beach pebbles escapes through the breaches in the wall, creating a mmT ■: :und for visitors to enjoy. The water cools and calms visitors of both garden areas and is ■pcc : as a source of life


First Presbyterian Church of Houston

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