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The Lakeshore East Development in downtown Chicago is a 28-ace US$3-Billion mixed-use project that incorporates up to 4,950 conac homes, a 6-acre(2.4 ha) public park, 2.2 million GSF (220,000 sq m) of cc -space, 770,000 GSF (77,000 sq m) of retail space, 1,500 hote' toons proposed public elementary school.

Nautical themes are expressed through boat hull and sail forms, and the ar use of water throughout the gardens are evocative of the nautical n area. A three-story vertical grade differential between the north and sc." of the park became integral to the park design, with a monumer:a £ providing access and an excellent vantage point and views of the par- 7 includes The Grand Stair, The Great Lawn, Water Gardens, Ornamer:ai G a Children's Play Park, and a Dog Park.

** J : : j "lemes utilized throughout the park provide a true sense of place and interaction. The graceful lines and forms that define a sailboat serve as inspiration for the shape of the walkways and planting within the 2 T . ig the relationship with the waterfront. Fountains carry water throughout the park, creating a sense of movement, a steady reminder of place, and a relaxing and energizing link with the natural environment.

The 5.3-acre(2.1 ha) Park was gifted to me I:. : of 2005 as part of the original development ayw Lakeshore East continues to raise expectation $ .>-visitors of the already esteemed Chicago pa?* :yr and private enterprise, this is a successfu iro: development. Successfully addressing the come o set forth by metropolitan cities in this 21st Lakeshore East is destined to serve as a berr- 31 urban park design.

The Park achieves all of the programming goals • and provides beautiful forms borrowed frorr tr -Water is an over-riding concept of the park r :e • at the confluence of the Chicago River and La»e V : concept was translated into the design of the • on a common, but beautiful Chicago-specifotse-^ day, one can look out across the lake and be avve: r* fluid pattern that individual sailboats form as a v . the wind, all the boats line up in one direction T-^ : be experienced at many scales: residents car : above; commuters can take in the simple lines * from their cars; and pedestrians can take pleas. r r activity areas and promenades in the park

Across the Park to the South, one can sse rr -Michigan Avenue just beyond Millennium arcing pathways highlight the Park at Lakes' ope Ear focused counterpoint to other Chicago pub : s tas * theater-style venue

The gentle slope adjacent to the south entry is the unique grove setting for a new model of a dog park, one that offers a variety of opportunities, both for the pet owners and the pets. This generous enclosed gathering spot is complete with separate circular dog-calming entry points, sculpted landforms for play, a variety of pavement textures, seating situated in a way to encourage interaction, and a special fresh water fountain and runnel system for dog play. This is a special place to play with the family pet and socialize with other pet owners and neighbors.

Looking across the Ornamental Gardens at the Children's Play Park. Interactive water features and play structures make the garden interesting and exciting for children.

Even when the fountains are dormant, they add texture to the scene. In the fall, the leaves of the Swamp Water Oaks lining the walk turn brilliant hues of red and gold, and create a stunning visual contrast with the rugged cool-toned basalt rocks.

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