Waterway I Il

The Office of James Burnett

The water garden for this office complex in The Woodlands, Texas s : to seamlessly connect two adjacent buildings. The courtyard creates : rj memorable entry threshold for the buildings and a place for outdocr gam.m ar -The courtyard is ordered by a simple geometry and the crisp arch tec:, e water feature occupying the center contrasts beautifully with the sc." 2-: surrounding landscape.

The 120-ft(36 m) long water feature is divided into three smaller pc: - -paths of granite stepping stones. Water splashes from four granite a : r-within the central pool of the courtyard, creating a soothing environrre^: r « of orange, yellow, and white streak through the water as K01 swirr --■=? j Since its completion, this courtyard has become a popular space du' r.:s of the day.

T«-- .¿~dscape Architect established a - i - •: garden where the focal point is : - water feature. Koi fish and living : a*e incorporated and create a - f e^! of fascination and interaction x - "i aoserver The same step stones gateways for the koi to move "s ,rie pool, linking the shallow to the deeper and cooler zones. 18' (45.7cm) high fountain basins a ith Mexican beach pebbles : - :e water spills and soothing white *or the garden.

<— A grove of eighty Drake Elm trees provides shade and structure for the court. These trees also soften the large facades of the adjacent buildings. Lush plantings of bicolor iris, pineapple quava, rosemary, fern, and perennials contrast the refined building architecture Hardscape materials were carefully chosen to work with the planting design to create a warm and natural garden and to work with building architecture. Movable teak tables and chairs and teak benches provide seating flexibility and warmth to the court.

i The Landscape Architect worked with the client and design team on all phases of the project to develop a garden that would function as a refuge for their tenants.

The Landscape Architect worked with the design team to develop a concept for a garden space that would be the calling card for the development and provide a place of refuge from the office work environment for the user. As a result of this teamwork, a highly utilized, successful development was created Building tenants and visitors can enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience without leaving the site.

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